Gamers from everywhere know that  Mad Racer V6 has everything for hours on gaming. Comfort and style now sit together!


Rotation and Mobility

With 5 nylon casters and 360 ° rotation, there’s no limit to the owner of a Mad Racer V6!
Whether to settle in front of the PC, or to vary between the desktop and its game station, the Mad Racer V6 gamer chair makes things easy.


Padded with polyurethane mesh, the Mad Racer V6 chair gives you comfortable hours of play. Maintain good performance for many more matches, even in tense moments. Another strong point is your Tilt mechanism, allowing the chair to accompany your body’s movement and incline whenever you need to relax!

Height Adjustment

With height adjustment of up to 100mm, the Mad Racer V6 was made to accompany gamers of different heights, as well as providing a correct posture and better adaptation of the player in relation to their work area.

Gas Lift

To give you more practicality when adjusting your chair at the ideal time, the Mad Racer V6 uses gas lift technology and high quality materials to enhance every aspect of your user experience.

Perfect combination!

Perfect to complement any setup, the Mad Racer V6 is available in 4 colors: Red, Gray, Blue and Full Black


  • Dimensions (CxLxA): 590x530x1090mm
  • Coating: Polyurethane Mesh
  • Structure: PVC plastic
  • Padding material: D24 new foam 2cm, 3cm D60 recycled foam, foam 2cm D60 + recycled (to form), and soft foam filling within
  • Support: Polyurethane and quilted nylon mesh
  • Base: 320mm (nylon)
  • Base Diameter: 580mm
  • Casters: Nylon
  • Height Adjustment: 100mm
  • Tilt Mechanism
  • Rotation Function
  • Gas Lift
  • Supports up to 120Kg


Comparative Table